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Electromagnetic Theory Divistion
Dept. of EE/ECE, Tohoku University

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Consider the problems of energy and communication from the disaster experience (ppt/pdf 4.2MB, Masahiro Yamaguchi)

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RF Integrated Micro Magnetic Devices / Micro EMC

RF nano- micro measurement technology

LSI RF extremely near electromagnetic field probing(for LSI , PCB use)

Green IT

RF Spin Information and Communication Thin Film materials

・International standards
- The electromagnetic radiation of LSI(PDF)
- Electromagnetic noise suppressor(PDF)

A research project of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the radio wave resources expansion
(In order to achieve the high-speed, high-quality wireless communications, the research of noise reduction technology on IC chip level is done in our lab.)

SRC: Storage Research Consortium



  -Ms. Ma(M2) won IEEE Sendai Section Student Awards: The Best Paper Prize.12/5

  -Prof. Yamaguchi participated in TC51/WG10 of 2014 IEC in Tokyo (Tokyo Int'l Forum) as an invited speaker.11/10-11/14

  -Prof. Yamaguchi, Assit. Prof. Muroga, Assit. Prof. Kijima and Assit. Prof. Sai participated in Spinics special meeting (Yamagata Univ.).


   -Prof. Yamaguchi participated in APMC 2014 (Sendai Int'l Center) as an invited speaker.  (11/3-11/4

   -Assoc. Prof. Endo, Assist. Prof. Kijima and Assist. Prof. Sai participated in MMM 2014 (Honolulu, USA).  (11/3-11/7

   -Prof. Yamaguchi participated in IcAUMS 2014 (Haikou, China) as an invited speaker.  (10/28-11/2

   -Assist. Prof. Kijima and Ms. Ma (M2) participated in WEC2014 (Chengdu, China).  (10/27-10/28

   -Lab's Imonikai was held under Ushigoe bridge.  (10/16

   -Prof. Yamaguthi participated in Pwrsoc'14 (Boston, USA). (10/6-10/8

   -Mr. Fu and Mr. Li joined as new members of Yamaguchi Lab.

   -Mr. Fan (M2) participated in the 2014 Autumn Commencement Ceremony of Tohoku University. (9/24

   -Prof. Yamaguthi, Assoc. Prof. Endo, Assist. Prof. Kijima, Assist. Prof. Sai, Mr. Arai, Mr. Sato (M2) and Ms. Ma (M1) participated in the 38th Annual Conference on MAGNETICS in Japan (Keio Univ.). (9/2-9/5

   -Assoc. Prof. Endo participated in PIERS 2014 (Guangzhou, China) as an invited speaker.  (8/25-8/28

   -Prof. Yamaguchi, Assist. Prof. Sai, Mr. Sato (M2) , Mr. Shigeta (M2) and Ms. Ma (M1) participated in 2014 Tohoku-Section Joint Convention of institute of Electrical and Information Engineers, Japan (Yamagata Univ.). (8/21-22

   -Assoc. Prof. Endo participated in 2014 Annual Conference of Fundamentals and Materials Society IEE Japan (Shinshu Univ.).  (8/21-22

   -Prof. Yamaguchi had plenary talk in ISSS-2014 (Bangalore, India).  (7/8-7/11

   -Prof. Yamaguchi participate in 2014 EMSA (Vien, Austria) as an invited speaker. (7/6-7/9

   -2014 IEEE ICMM was held in Sendai Int'l Center (General Chari: Prof. Yamaguchi) (6/29-7/2

   -Prof. Yamaguchi and Assoc. Prof. Endo attended to IEEE Intermag 2014 (Dresden, Germany).  (5/4-5/8

   -Lab's cherry blossom was held in Nishikoen. (4/22





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